Here are a 4 Elevator Pitch finalists who will contest during a GeekWire Summit

The finalists for a second deteriorate of GeekWire’s Elevator Pitch, from left: Jinesh Varia of Industrility, Maria Colacurcio, Syndio Solutions, Keith McCall of Pollen Systems, and Greg Newbloom of Membrion. (GeekWire Photos / Dan DeLong)

They rode 32 seconds to a tip of Seattle’s Smith Tower during a second deteriorate of GeekWire’s Elevator Pitch — and afterwards they managed to arise even aloft as winners. Now, a finalists from any of a 4 episodes of a business judgment foe will try to come out on tip during subsequent week’s GeekWire Summit.

Entrepreneurs pitched ideas associated to agriculture, transportation, AI, IoT connectivity and more, and afterwards faced questions during a tip of a ancestral skyscraper from a row of judges: Flying Fish Partners co-founder Heather Redman; sequence businessman and Pioneer Square Labs handling director T.A. McCann; Darrin Siver, comparison clamp boss during PACCAR; and Kyle Quinn, CTO during PACCAR.

The 4 finalists will block off again on theatre during a Hyatt Regency in downtown Seattle, pitching in front of some-more than 900 business and tech leaders during a 2019 GeekWire Summit, holding place Oct. 7-9.

Check out a summation of a part winners below, and be certain to get your Summit tickets so we can declare a culmination in person.

Episode 1

Keith McCall of Pollen Systems. (GeekWire Photo / Dan DeLong)

Featuring 3 startups operative in a AgTech/Environmental Impact area, a initial part this deteriorate was won by Keith McCall, owner and CTO of Pollen Systems, creators of cultivation and worker record for a booze industry.

“Pollen represents data, manifest and invisible, that pervades farms via a world,” McCall pronounced in a elevator. “If we don’t collect that data, it blows away.”

Watch a part here to see McCall’s full pitch, as good as pitches from Virginia Emery of Beta Hatch and Christoph Krumm of Sironix Renewables.

Episode 2

Greg Newbloom of Membrion. (GeekWire Photo / Dan DeLong)

In this part focused on travel and a mobility sector, chemical operative Greg Newbloom kick out dual other startups with his representation for Membrion, a University of Washington spinout that creates ion membranes for use in fuel cells and H2O desalination systems.

“Membrion has found a resolution to purify an abounding energy stealing in a bottom of a beef jerky package,” Newbloom pronounced in a elevator. “We figured out a approach to renovate that silica jelly into a surface that can be used to energy a subsequent era of vehicles.”

Watch a part here to see Newbloom’s full pitch, as good as pitches from Manuela Papadopol of Portland’s Designated Driver and Jason Atherton, co-founder of Shared Technology.

Episode 3

Jinesh Varia of Industrility creates his representation to a judges. (GeekWire Photo / Dan DeLong)

Jinesh Varia, CEO of Industrility, kick out dual other startups operative around a issues of IoT connectivity, sensors and more. Varia’s Bellevue, Wash.-based startup focuses on IoT record solutions for industrial strange apparatus manufacturers (OEMs).

“Would we trust industrial OEMs constraint usually 25 percent of a after-sale income via a lifetime of a strange equipment?” Varia pronounced in a elevator. “The remaining 75 percent amounts to roughly a $400 billion marketplace … Industrility is focused on this market, that is developed for disruption.”

Watch a part here to see Varia’s full pitch, as good as pitches from Robert Hamlet, CEO of Teal Communications and Alan Meekins, CEO of RosHub.

Episode 4

Maria Colacurcio, CEO of Syndio Solutions. (GeekWire Photo / Dan DeLong)

In a final episode, Maria Colacurcio, CEO of Syndio Solutions, creators of a program resolution to residence discriminatory compensate gaps, kick out dual other startup CEOs creation a box for because they have a best resolution to solve issues regulating synthetic comprehension and appurtenance learning.

“Syndio is committed to eradicating wrong compensate disparities in a workplace,” Colacurcio pronounced in a elevator. “We’re a usually SaaS association chartering data-science-powered program to assistance companies investigate and solve compensate gaps due to gender or race.”

Watch a part here to see Colacurcio’s full pitch, as good as pitches from John Herlocker, CEO of Tignis, and James Wu, CEO of AdaptiLab.

Now that you’re held adult on deteriorate dual forward of this year’s Summit, have a demeanour behind during a formula from final year’s initial deteriorate of Elevator Pitch and a finals during a 2018 GeekWire Summit.

And a large interjection to PACCAR for sponsoring deteriorate dual of a Elevator Pitch, and to a Smith Tower for hosting.

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