Help your company stay competitive with healthcare plans through GeekWire and ALLtech


“What are your benefits like?”

Startup hiring managers often hear that question from top job candidates.

When it comes to health and wellness benefits, you shouldn’t have to worry about your answer. That’s why GeekWire has partnered with ALLtech since 2014 to offer Washington technology businesses exclusive pricing on health insurance and other employee benefits.

We want to help startups compete when it comes to recruiting and retaining great talent by offering attractive health insurance plans that rival the big players. Learn more about GeekWire’s Health Benefits program here.

Beyond recruiting, we believe having a rich benefits plan helps with company culture and employee retention. Whether your company has as few as two employees or as many as 199 employees, every employee should feel confident they have access to comprehensive benefits.

Knowing your company has quality health benefits, such as the plans offered by ALLtech, means you and your team can focus on innovating, growing, and making waves in the technology industry.

A startup ourselves, the GeekWire team relates to the challenge of finding a plan that offers the right combination of choice, coverage and cost, especially for growing teams. ALLtech prioritizes all these and has been an active part of the Washington tech community, hearing what companies need and working with providers to build plans that meet those needs.

If your company is enrolling or renewing your health insurance, be sure to ask your broker about ALLtech or request a quote from our partners at ALLtech. 

GeekWire member companies engaged in software design, digital media content, e-commerce, gaming, telecommunications, wireless technologies, and emerging technologies are eligible to participate in the ALLtech benefit program. If you are not already a member, find out more about how to become a GeekWire member or contact us at

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