Have you switched to a prepaid network?


The major wireless carriers want you to subscribe to their services. That’s one of the reasons why they have so many different plans at different price points to choose from. And why most of them are bundling so many different third-party (or first-party) services with the monthly cost. They want to win you over.

But, just in case that doesn’t work out, they’ve also got prepaid options, too.

There is no doubt that prepaid options have blossomed over the last several years, both in terms of availability and usability. It doesn’t feel all that long ago that prepaid options weren’t worth the money spent on them, even if they did avoid a credit check and were cheaper than the bigger networks.

Both of those things are still true, of course. Prepaid wireless carriers typically avoid the credit check, and they are still a cheaper option. If you want to save money, going with a prepaid network doesn’t seem like a last-ditch effort anymore.

Two new options definitely aim to save some money, while offering things like unlimited talk/text/data. There is the new option, Visible, from Verizon. And then Xfinity Mobile. Neither carrier has the phone selection of the bigger wireless carriers, but the options aren’t terrible, either.

Visible starts at $40 per month with unlimited data. And Xfinity Mobile starts at $45 per month for unlimited data. Now, both of those plans are capped at download speeds, but that probably isn’t a big deal for most customers. Just to compare, Verizon Wireless’s unlimited plan for a single line starts at $75 per month! And if you want a slightlyupgraded unlimited experience, you’ll need to fork over $95 per month for a single line.

The other major networks aren’t much better in this regard. Even if one can try to justify those higher costs with the include bundles and services, some of those things might not be what some customers want. Rather, saving money every single month might be the most sought-after goal.

Which is why I’m curious: Have you switched over to a prepaid service? If so, which one did you go with, and which major carrier did you abandon? Why’d you decide to make the switch? Let me know!

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