Hatsujou Sprinkle coming to PS4, PS Vita on November 22 in Japan


Hatsujou Sprinkle

Whirlpool-developed romance visual novel Hatsujou Sprinkle is coming to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on November 22 in Japan via publisher Piacci for 7,344 yen, the company announced.

The PlayStation 4 version will run in full HD, while the PS Vita version will include a touchscreen-supported alarm clock mode.

A 10,584 yen limited edition will also be available and include a special muffler towel and original calendar.

Here is an overview of the game, via VNDB:

The protagonist, Kamishiro Souta is a second year high school student who is unusually active and has very high sexual desire. Although some students in the school (mainly girls) keep their distance from him, he still dreams of having a fulfilling life full of erotic happenings so he gives his best.

Although he could be said to be a dangerous person in general, on a certain day his desire was off the scales.

All he could do, was to think of perverted things.

When he was filled with desire to fondle an older woman’s breasts, falling into a state where he was just a step from being unable to live in a society, a mysterious beauty, Meidou Hazuki appeared before him. Calling herself a “witch” who inherited demon genes she told Souta that he too, has for some reason awakened as a demon.

Moreover, out of all seven deadly sins he possessed magic power of “lust”, of all things his magic power acted as aphrodisiac causing women around him to get in heat.

It appears that his awakening was forcibly caused by the treasure stolen from Hazuki’s family, that she was in the middle of chasing after and requested Souta to help her.

And so, Souta was involved in an outrageous happening. Will his condition of exuding aphrodisiac aura improve? What about hidden feelings of the girls around him?

Involving lots of people, the story goes into a strange direction and filling protagonist’s school life with erotic happenings.

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