Hands on with Windows 11’s redesigned Your Phone app

As expected, Windows 11’s Your Phone app new design is now
rolling out to testers in the Dev Channel. Like
Microsoft’s other Windows apps (Calculator,
Microsoft Store, Paint or Media Player), Your Phone app’s
new lick of paint is mostly about rounded corners and WinUI

Microsoft touts Your Phone app as one of the most useful tools
for both Windows 11 and Windows 10. Your Phone app lets you
connect your Android phone with your Windows device, and it
saves you from picking up your mobile device repeatedly to
check notifications, calls, apps, etc.

Your Phone app has slowly become an extremely useful tool in
the operating system as long as you have a supported Samsung
Galaxy phone. As part of the Windows 11 refresh, Your Phone app
is getting some minor improvements that will make it even
better, especially if you use the app to monitor mobile

The updated Your Phone app puts the notification panel
front-and-center. As you can see in the above screenshots, the
notifications tab is now pinned to the left side panel and
Microsoft has moved the navigation bar to the top of the

Messages, Photos, Apps, and Calls tabs are tucked within the
new navigation bar.

The notification feed is now less cluttered and it provides
easier access to important notifications, which were previously
accessible via a dedicated notifications tab. The company says
the updated companion brings an organized feed of real-time
notifications to the desktop.

Additionally, the app also supports the new design language of
Windows 11 to match the rest of the experience, so you’ll
notice new buttons, rounded corners and Mica material applied
to the Your Phone window.

The other features of the app remain unchanged. For example,
Microsoft has retained the Your Phone app’s flagship feature to
stream Android apps, which means there are now two ways to run
Android apps on Windows 11: Your Phone app and Windows
Subsystem for Android, downloadable via the Microsoft Store.

Other app updates for Windows 11

As we noted in the beginning,
Microsoft has also started to roll out a new Media Player
for Windows 11 in the Dev Channel. It replaces the Groove Music
app that’s been around since the original version of Windows
10. Like Your Phone app, Media Player is based on WinUI
controls and it actually comes with a new feature: support for
streaming videos.

This is just the beginning of new app experiences on Windows 11
and Microsoft will announce more improvements in the coming

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