Hands on with Windows 11’s new Media Player

Windows Media Player

Windows 11 is now rolling out to more users, but this doesn’t
mean the operating system is complete. Microsoft is still
working on new features which will be added at a later time
alongside new native apps.

In addition to a new
Microsoft Paint app and Microsoft Store, Windows 11 is now
also getting a new Media Player, which replaces Groove Music.
The new Media Player was originally spotted during a Windows
Insider podcast, and it’s now rolling out to testers in the Dev

Windows Media Player is based on XAML (UWP) and it incorporates
WinUI controls to match the look and feel of Windows 11. It
also has support for Mica material (a new type of transparency
effect). The overall interface is rather simple and it appears
to be a facelift for the Groove Music app already bundled with
Windows 10.

Media Player music content

Unlike Groove Music, Media Player showcases the best of both
Movies & TV and Groove Music. You can use Media Player to
listen to music and watch your multimedia content with support
for features like HDR, and it’s more enjoyable on Windows 11,
according to Microsoft.

Media Player settings

The core interface of Media Player is currently based on a
full-featured music library, so advanced features for videos
currently missing. For now, you can play music or video, and
quickly browse the playlist, as well as create and manage
playlists or configure the app to scan for media contents in a
folder of your choice.

Media Player video library

Microsoft will automatically migrate your music collection to
Media Player from Groove Music.

Microsoft officials explained that the original Groove Music
has been removed from the operating system and users will find
their Groove library and playlists in this new Media Player.

A Microsoft Store update replaces the Groove Music with a new
Media Player, so you don’t have to manually install a new app.

Windows 11 Media Player

Like Groove Music, Media Player includes support for album art
and rich artist imagery, and these will appear in the app
regardless of the player’s view mode (full screen or mini

Here’s a list of other features included in the Media Player:

  • You can browse and manage your local video or music
    collection. Your media contents will automatically get indexed
    by Microsoft, but you can tell the player where to look for
    media contents in the local drives.
  • Improvements for accessibility.
  • Improved and standard keyboard shortcut.

The Media Player won’t replace the Movies & TV app as the
player itself is believed to be in its early days.

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