Hands-on with Windows 10’s new modern solution to manage disks

With each Windows 10 feature update,
Microsoft has added new features, but it hasn’t spent much
time going back and revamping or fix the old bits.

For example, the oldest features are currently accessible via
the individual Control Panel applets in Windows 7-era dialog
boxes, and new features are available in the Settings. In fact,
there are still some places in the Settings menu where changing
advanced settings requires you to open Control Panel applets.

Every year, Microsoft has taken serious strides toward
modernizing old parts of the operating system. In the next two
more settings are being moved from Control Panel into the
Settings app.

An area that has been particularly ignored lately is the
popular Disk Management tool, as it’s home to a lot of vintage
interface and it is one of the most powerful tools in Windows

With the next Windows 10 update, Microsoft says it will
introduce one important fresh feature: a new disk management
area within the Settings panel.

The new disk management tool is called “Manage Disks and
Volumes screen” and it’s available under the Storage section of
Settings > System > Storage.

Manage Disks and Volumes

This new feature offers modern experience and it’s built from
the ground up with accessibility in mind.

You can use Windows 10’s modern disk management utility to view
basic information of your disks. A more detailed and
informative graphical representation is currently missing, but
it could be added in a future update.

Volume data in Disk Manager

The tool also allows you to create and format volumes. In
addition, you can assign drive letters and create/format

The disk manager also features better integration with other
features like Storage Spaces and Storage Sense, compared to the
legacy Disk Management tool.

While modernization is a step in the right direction, this
modern alternative is currently sparse looking in terms of the
design and interface with a lot of white space on the right

Windows 10 Disk Manager

This has attracted negative comments from testers, but
Microsoft told users that the feature is in the early stage of
development and it’ll eventually get better.

“This is just the first piece of work for this feature and will
take time to refine it. Insiders want early versions of
features, this is that,” Microsoft said.

Fortunately, Microsoft has confirmed that there are no plans to
retire the existing Disk Management MMC (Microsoft Management
Console) snap-in. The legacy tool will be available in the
Control Panel for those who need it.

My opinion: While I like modernization, I wish Microsoft would
do something about Settings UI design, which is the absolute
ocean of useless whitespace, especially on a 16:9 large screen

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