Hands on with Windows 10’s brand new taskbar feature update

Windows 10 taskbar feature

After one month break, Microsoft has finally started
experimenting with new features for Windows 10. With
Windows 10 21H2 Build 21286, Microsoft is bringing a new
feature called “News and Interests” to the taskbar, which means
that you can soon start reading news headlines in a matter of

The “News and Interests” feature is built on top of Windows
Search and Cortana, and it is supposed to deliver content
personalized for each user.

This feed can be accessed when you hover over the weather icon
on the taskbar and it would be enabled by default in Windows
10. Also, the news feed cannot be removed or disabled
completely because it’s built into the Windows Shell and it has
roots in Windows Search/Cortana.

A closer look at taskbar’s new feature

This new taskbar provides access to “dynamic content” when you
hover over the icon and you can click on the link to open the
website in Microsoft Edge.

You can choose to hide the weather report on the taskbar and
use a small icon to access the news feed, or you can also
remove the icon.

Taskbar new feature

Microsoft says users can browse the feed to view headlines on
popular topics, such as sports, weather, entertainment,
politics, and more. If you don’t like your current feed, you
can open MSN and change your content preference.

While Microsoft account is not required, it’s still recommended
for the best experience.

Windows taskbar news feed

As you can see in the above screenshot, you can also seamlessly
customize your content preference by clicking on the three dots
button. For example, you can choose “More stories like this” or
“Fewer stories like this”. You can also click on the ‘x’ button
to quickly close the news tile and block all news contents from
a particular publisher.

You can use emoji to react to stories, too.

Windows 10 taskbar reaction

The taskbar feed is still in the early phase of development and
Microsoft is currently experimenting with at least 7 variants
that would change the interface, feed, and animations.

It’s likely that this feature will be shipped to everyone via a
monthly mandatory cumulative update or new feature experience
pack if it passes the quality standards.

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