Hands-on with Windows 10’s Android phone calling feature

Your Phone for Windows 10

Microsoft first announced Your Phone app at its Build 2018
conference and the app is now getting a new feature for more
deeply integrating Windows 10 PCs with Android phones.

Your Phone app for Windows 10 currently allows you to send and
receive text messages, view battery status, and as well as the
current wallpaper of Android phone.

With Your Phone app, you can immediately see a picture that you
take with your Android phone on your Windows 10 PC. You can
also check notifications without having to take the Android
handset out of your pocket.

Microsoft recently updated Your Phone app for Windows 10
version 1909 customers with a
new feature that lets you make and receive calls. In this
article, we will take a closer look at the forthcoming calling
capabilities for the app.

Set up Your Phone

To use Your Phone app, you’ll first need an up-to-date PC which
bundles with WiFi and Bluetooth support.

Your Phone requires you to have one app on Windows, and the
Your Phone Companion app on Android. You also need to have the
phone and PC on the same Wi-Fi network, as well as connected
via Bluetooth.

Note that Your Phone Companion app for Android merely
establishes a connection with PC, and all the features have to
be accessed with Your Phone app on PC. You have to open both
apps on phone and PC during paring and make sure that both
devices are on the same Wi-Fi to establish a connection.


Your Phone app pairing

Your Phone’s calling feature has finally arrived on Windows 10
version 1909 (November 2019 Update) and it works on a
significant portion of Android phones, including the handsets
made by Samsung, Nokia, LG, Xiaomi, OPPO, Realme and other

This feature of Your Phone app allows you to answer incoming
calls from your PC, and as well as initiate calls from your PC.

You can use the built-in dialer app or search your existing
contacts saved in Windows People app to initiate a call.

Calls will be placed from your nearby Android phone and active
Bluetooth connection is required. After you are connected,
you’ll be able to make or receive calls via your PC’s mic and

You can also access the phone’s call logs after enabling the
permission on your Android handset when asked.

Your Phone app permission

As you can see in the above screenshot, a notification ‘Allow
Your Phone Companion to access your phone call logs’ will pop
on Android and you must allow it to experience all features of
Your Phone app.

Here’s what the app should look like when you’re done with the

Your Phone call UI

The below screenshot captured during a call shows off the
ability to mute a call, open keypad, and switch the call to the
Android phone.

Call UI

A keypad also opens when you click on the Keypad option. This
is useful if you initiate a call to customer care and you have
to enter a number to select language or option.

Keypad in Your Phone

Finally, you’ll be able to swap calls between your PC and phone
with ‘Use phone’ option.

I also noticed that the volume of media contents like Spotify
is automatically reduced during a call.

The overall call quality is good and the feature is reliable
when the phone is placed nearby your desktop.

Your Phone app’s calling support will be rolled out to
non-Insiders in the coming weeks.

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