Hands on with Microsoft Teams integration in Windows 11

Microsoft Teams in Windows 11

Microsoft is making Microsoft Teams meetings even simpler, by
adding it to Windows 11’s taskbar. Microsoft Teams integration
is the flagship feature of Windows 11 and it’s now part of the

preview builds available in the Dev Channel of Microsoft’s
Insider Program.

Microsoft Teams integration in Windows 11 is currently called
“Chat” and it’s similar to Skype Meet Now, but the overall
experience is significantly better. That’s because the Teams
chat app is based on
Microsoft Teams 2.0, which is powered by Microsoft Edge’s
WebView (Chromium version).

Teams Chat isn’t a full-fledged Microsoft Teams client. It
simply allows you to manage chat, and video calls, otherwise
known as “Meet”. To launch Teams Chat within Windows 11, you
need to click the little chat icon that’s been added to the
Taskbar. Or you can also use the Win+C shortcut.

Chat taskbar

As you can see in the below screenshot, Teams Chat offers two
features: Meet (video calls) and Chat (texts.

Microsoft Teams Chat integration

To get started, you’ll need to find the appropriate contact and
send an invitation if they haven’t joined the Teams platform.

Teams chat window

Teams Chat integration is actually free and others can receive
your message via email or SMS. If the contact is already known
to you, you’ll be able to locate the person using the Teams
search feature.

The contact will be detected automatically via your Microsoft
Teams, Skype, and Outlook accounts. You can also sync your
Skype and Outlook contacts for better communication with
friends and family.

If you click on a conversation, Teams Chat will launch the
Microsoft Teams app. You’ll be prompted to download the app if
you don’t already have it installed.

Microsoft Teams Chat in Windows 11

At the moment, you can only send and receive messages. The
meeting or video calls feature hasn’t been implemented, but
Microsoft has promised that they’re on their way.

In addition to video calls integration, Microsoft will also
enable support for screen sharing, presence and status
settings, screen sharing, and more.

To support Teams integration, Microsoft has created a new Teams
client for Windows 11 using Edge WebView.

You’ll still get the same set of features including immersive
meeting experiences, live emoji integrations, recordings, and
more, but the overall experience will be significantly faster.
That’s because the new Teams client is based on Edge WebView
and it aims to reduce memory usage.

As mentioned at the outset, Microsoft Teams integration is
currently available to Windows Insider testers only and it will
be released to everyone later this year.

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