Hands-on demo with Charmin’s new toilet paper robot and fart smell sensor at CES

LAS VEGAS — When Charmin announced its new toilet experience innovations earlier this week, including a pooptime robot pal, we knew we had to see them for ourselves on the CES show floor.

Hollywood mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg was discussing his billion dollar startup Quibi with Procter Gamble’s Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard a mere 10 feet away, but camera crews from media outlets like ourselves and CNN were more obsessed with experiencing bad puns and toilet humor from the folks at Charmin.

The future bathroom concepts were surely the talk of CES this week. Heck, the invention was even skewered by Stephen Colbert.

GeekWire Managing Editor Taylor Soper got a first-hand look at three new toilet technology concepts: the RollBot, SmellSense, and V.I.Pee. His conclusion?

“The future of the bathroom smells rosy and will never, ever lack toilet paper,” he said. “Absolutely incredible.”

  • RollBot is a Bluetooth-enabled robot designed to deliver a fresh roll of toilet paper to you when you unexpectedly run out on the throne.
  • SmellSense combines a fart sensor with an LED display that alerts you whether or not a bathroom is safe or toxic to enter.
  • V.I.Pee provides an Oculus Rift S VR headset at concerts and events so that you don’t have to miss any of the action while you are answering nature’s call.

None of these products are actually for sale, though smart home tech, including innovation inside the bathroom, is certainly a theme at this year’s CES. But kudos to Charmin for their efforts to help us “Enjoy the Go” and for a delivering a good laugh during the madness of the big show.

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