H1Z1 Player Count Surpasses 10 Million on Playstation 4


H1Z1 Player Count Surpasses 10 Million on Playstation 4

June 28, 2018Written by Brianna Reeves

H1Z1 player count

Just over one month after the open beta launch, Daybreak Games reveals H1Z1 has hit 10 million players on PlayStation 4. Daybreak boasts that this milestone means more people are playing the Battle Royale title than there are folks living in New York City. Players have logged a playtime of around 102, 289,237 hours in the open beta, which amounts to over 11,000 years. This is incredibly impressive given the game’s May 22 launch. And the numbers are steadily climbing. Earlier this month, the player count breached 7 million.

Another interesting statistic includes the Riot Shotgun and Hellfire SMG being fan-favorite weapons. Additionally, one in every ten kills is a headshot. Frag grenades most often land the killing blow for H1Z1’s throwable weapons. The studio shares these details and much more in the following infographic:

H1Z1 player count

In celebration of the achievement, players who were active in the game before 11:59 PM PT on Wednesday, June 27 will receive free bonus items. The items include a Sunrise Parachute in-game skin and Dark Fire Truck. Players can access them in their inventory this coming weekend.

Currently, a full release of the game does not yet have a date attached. However, it is expected to roll out sometime later this year. H1z1 is available on PS4 now as a free-to-play title with or without PS Plus.

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