GTA Online Memorial Day Perks – Double Your GTA Cash And RP for ‘Motor Wars’ and More


GTA Online Memorial Day Perks – Double Your GTA Cash And RP for ‘Motor Wars’ and More

May 23, 2018Written by Uros Pavlovic

GTA Online Memorial Day Perks await players

Get ready for GTA Online Memorial Day perks. That’s right, Rockstar Games just sent the word that starting today through Memorial Day, there will be four major ways to gather Double GTA$ and RP in GTA Online: Motor Wars, Bikers, Executives, and Other Criminals, as well as the latest Adversary Mode, Trap Door.

The Memorial Day celebration also offers discounts across a number of vehicles including the Ruiner 2000, Pfister Comet SR, and TM-02 Khanjali, as well as Executive Offices and Executive Office Garages, along with Biker Clubhouses and much more.

 Rockstar encourages you to “Parachute your way into an ever-shrinking arena armed with only the most basic of survival tools, then fight for your life as the clock slowly forces you and your enemies closer together. From devastating Railguns to Minigun-mounted Insurgents, scattered across each of Motor Wars’ seven available maps are enough guns and Weaponized Vehicles to form a small army. Once you’ve made a mad dash for the closest piece of heavy machinery, eliminate the enemy teams one by one until yours is the last left standing.”

 Also, here’s what else you can expect May 22-28, 2018, during the Memorial Day celebration events:

  • 2x RP and GTA$ Rewards
    Motor Wars
    Biker Clubhouse Contracts
    Biker Work and Challenges
    VIP Work and Challenges
    Trap Door
  • Discounts
    30% Off Executive Offices
    30% Off Biker Clubhouses
    30% Off Executive Office Garages
    25% Off Pfister Comet SR
    30% Off Tornado Rat Rod
    30% Off Coil Raiden
    25% Off Overflod Entity XXR
    30% Off Sea Sparrow
    30% Off Imponte Ruiner 2000
    30% Off TM-02 Khanjali
    30% Off Buzzard Attack Chopper
  • Available May 25-28 ONLY
    25% Off LCC Sanctus
    25% Off The Vapid Liberator
    25% Off Western Sovereign
    50% Off Yachts and Yacht Modifications
  • New Premium Race: Raton Race (Deluxo)
  • New Time Trial: Sawmill

You can find more info about GTA Online events and perks over at Rockstar Games Social Club.

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