Google’s Wear OS gaining a few new features

Google Wear OS smart suggestions

Google I/O may not kick off until next week, but Google has some news that it just couldn’t wait until then to share.

Google today revealed three new features for Wear OS. First is smart suggestions, which will have Google Assistant offer follow-up questions or responses when you ask something. For example, if you ask about the weather, you can tap on a suggestion to see the weather tomorrow or this weekend.

Second is the ability for Assistant to read your answers to you. Google Assistant can read information to you through your watch speaker or Bluetooth headphones.

Finally, Google says that it’s bringing Assistant Actions to all Wear OS smartwatches. With Actions, you can use Assistant to control other products and services, like order a pizza from Domino’s or call an Uber.

Google says that these new features are rolling out over the coming days, so if you’ve got a Wear OS smartwatch, keep an eye out for ’em.

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