Google’s unannounced Nearby Sharing feature demoed on video

After getting the new name of Google’s AirDrop competitor earlier this month, we’re now getting to see the feature in action.

A new video shows Google’s unannounced Nearby Sharing feature working between a Pixel 4 and Pixel 2 XL. The video from XDA-Developers shows one phone sharing a single photo, multiple photos, and then a video with the other phone, and they all happen pretty quickly over Wi-Fi.

We also get to see the settings area of Nearby Sharing. Here you can see your account and your device name that’ll appear when someone is sharing with you, which you can change if you’d like.

This area also includes some settings you can change. “Device visibility” includes three options for you to set how easy it is for people to share with you. For example, you can choose to be visible to your contacts or you can select “Hidden”, which means that you’ll have to manually go into Nearby Sharing for your phone to appear for others.

Nearby Sharing video demo

You can also choose from a few connection options. There’s a mobile data option for sharing small files, Wi-Fi-only, or a no internet option.

The video also confirms that your phone will use Bluetooth to initiate the transfer between the two devices. It’ll also use Location Services to confirm that the two phones are close enough together. Google says that both devices should be around one foot near each other for Nearby Sharing to work.

Google hasn’t announced Nearby Sharing, so it’s unclear when it might actually launch or which devices it’ll be on. The folks at XDA say that one person was able to get it working on a OnePlus 7T Pro, and so it’s possible that it’ll be available for all Android phones with Google Play Services.

Nearby Sharing offers another way to send photos, videos, or other files to another person. While there are options like text or email, too, this Nearby Sharing feature ought to give you a fast, easy way to beam a photo to someone close to you, and so it should be a nice addition to Android.

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