Google’s Nest Mini features better sound, wall mount, and $49 price tag

Google unveiled several new products at its event today, and included in that group is a new Nest Mini smart speaker.

The Nest Mini is an updated version of the Google Home Mini that launched two years ago. And while the design of the Nest Mini is largely unchanged, there are some important updates included with it. For example, Google has added a wall mount to the back of the Nest Mini to make it easy to hang the smart speaker and give you more places in your home to put it.

Also included with the Nest Mini is improved sound. Google says that it’s made the Nest Mini’s bass twice as good as the Google Home Mini. There’s also a third microphone on the Nest Mini to help the device hear you in noisy environments. And the dedicated machine learning chip inside the Nest Mini helps the speaker execute some Google Assistant actions on the device to make them faster.

Google is taking pre-orders for the Nest Mini today, and the speaker will launch on October 22nd. Pricing is set at $49, just like the previous Google Home Mini, and color options include Chalk, Charcoal, Coral, and Sky.

Nest Mini colors

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