Google’s Chrome 69 update will remove Adobe Flash Player settings

Adobe Flash Player KB4338832

Earlier in the week we reported that Google will soon be
releasing its
next major update Chrome 69 with new Material Design and
more. The Chrome 69 update will also be killing or
discontinuing the Adobe Flash Player for its users.

After the new version the Chrome browser will no longer be
saving the site settings for Adobe Flash plugin. This means
that once you enable the Adobe Flash for a website and revisit
the same website again you would need to manually update the
Flash plugin.

The pop up will appear every time the user comes back to use
the website which could be annoying for many but this is part
of the Flash Plugin which will be seeing its end in 2020 as was
announced by Adobe some time ago.

Moving forward Adobe will be using HTML5 instead of Flash for
many websites including YouTube. The company had also announced
that it will be disabling Flash by default in Microsoft Edge in
2019. This means that users would need to manually enable the
setting every time.

Adobe is already working with many of its partners to make sure
that the discontinuation of the Flash Player does not have an
adverse effect on the products. Adobe confirmed the reason to
discontinue Flash Player by stating:

“As open standards like HTML5, WebGL and WebAssembly have
matured over the past several years, most now provide many of
the capabilities and functionalities that plugins pioneered and
have become a viable alternative for content on the web.”

Adobe will continue to deliver security patches for browsers
and operating systems until 2020 and is requesting customers to
switch to alternative solutions. The company is also planning
to aggressively push EOL Flash in certain geographies were
outdated versions of Flash Players are being used.

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