Google Wifi gets price cut, now available for $99

Google Wifi router

Google Wifi is Google’s take on the popular mesh Wi-Fi trend, and now it’s cheaper than ever to give the device a try.

Google Wifi has gotten a price cut to $99, which is down from its normal $129 price tag. This price is available at Amazon as well as the Google Store. A three-pack of Google Wifi units is available for $259, which is down from the launch price of $299.

Using multiple Google Wifi devices, you can create a mesh Wi-Fi network to get a signal in all corners of your home. And while you’ll need more than one Google Wifi unit to get a mesh network, this price cut on a single Google Wifi router could be a nice way to dip your toes in the Google Wifi waters and see what you think of the hardware as well as the Google Wifi app that’s used for setting up and managing your Wi-Fi routers.

Have you used Google Wifi? If so, what do you think of it?

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