Google Voice integration with Sprint is ending on June 1

Way back in early 2011, Sprint announced that it would integrate Google Voice into its service, letting Sprint customers use their number to ring multiple phones and getting them voicemail transcriptions. Fast-forward seven years and that integration is coming to an end.

Sprint customers that’ve enabled Google Voice integration are now receiving an email telling them that that integration will end on June 1. The reason for this is due to “upcoming upgrades to Sprint’s network,” according to the email.

After June 1, outgoing calls and texts will be made through Sprint using Sprint’s rates and users will no longer have Google Voice features like call forwarding and voicemail transcription. Additionally, all new messages, calls, and voicemails from your Sprint phone will not be stored in Google Voice.

Sprint Google Voice integration

If you’re using Sprint’s integration with Google Voice, you should disable the feature before June 1 to avoid any issues. To do so, go to the “Phones” tab in the Google Voice settings, find your phone number that’s using Sprint integratoin, and choose “Disable Sprint integration”.

To keep using Google Voice, you’ll need to get a new Google Voice number. If you want to keep using Google Voice with your Sprint number, you can port that number to Google Voice.

It’s disappointing to learn that this Google Voice integration with Sprint is coming to an end, but it’s also not too surprising. Google hasn’t exactly shown much love for Google Voice lately, and Sprint has kept supporting the integration despite it not exactly getting a ton of headlines since its introduction. At least now we’ve got a couple months’ notice, so if you’re using Google Voice integration with Sprint, you’ve got time to disable it.

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