Google Stadia will get more than 120 games in 2020, several new features coming in Q1

Stadia controller

After ending 2019 by adding some new games to Stadia, Google has revealed what it’s got planned for its new gaming service in 2020.

Google has revealed that it’s got more than 120 games coming to Stadia in 2020, including more than 10 in the first half of the year that’ll be exclusive to Stadia when they launch.

New games isn’t all that Google has planned for Stadia, though. There are several new features coming in the next three months, including support for 4K gaming on the web.

Here are the new features that Google will be adding to Stadia in Q1:

  • Support for 4K gaming on the web
  • Add further Assistant functionality when playing on the web
  • Support additional Android phones
  • Wireless gameplay on the web through Stadia controller

Stadia is still in early days, so it’s good to see Google continuing to improve it with new games and features. Support for additional Android phones will be great since the service is currently limited to Pixel phones, and 4K gaming on the web will be welcome since 4K resolution on the TV is one of the major features of a Stadia Pro subscription.

Have you tried Google Stadia yet? If not, do these upcoming improvements have you thinking about giving Stadia a try?

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