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We knew it was coming, but today’s finally the day: Google+ has shut down.

Navigating to a Google+ page will bring you to the message you see below, informing you that “Google+ is no longer available for consumer (personal) and brand accounts.” Google goes on to explain that it’s deleting content from consumer Google+ accounts and Google+ pages, which will take a few months, but that you may be able to download and save your remaining Google+ content. You can also delete your profile.

Google+ isn’t completely dead, as Google+ for G Suite will continue on for enterprise customers. Google previously said that it plans to roll out a “fresh, clean look” for Google+ enterprise on the web along with new moderation tools, enterprise dashboards for analytics, and a new posting experience with the ability to tag posts by topic. For most of us, though, Google+ is now gone.

Google originally launched Google+ way back in 2011 as its latest social network to take on Twitter and Facebook. The service had some interesting ideas, but never managed to gain significant traction with consumers. Fast-forward to October 2018 and Google revealed that it would be shutting down Google+ as a result of the discovery of a security bug and low consumer adoption. The shutdown was originally scheduled for August 2019, but after another security bug was found in December 2018, Google moved the shutdown date up to April 2019.

So now it’s time to pour one out for Google+. Did you ever use Google+? If so, what did you think of the service?

Google+ shutdown

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