Google Search gaining new information panels to help you find relevant content

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Google is rolling out improvements to Search to make it easier for you to find useful info.

In an official announcement, Google explains that it’s rolling out a new panel that’ll show relevant subtopics for whatever you searched for. So if you search for something like “quartz vs granite”, you’ll get an excerpt of one particular article followed by subtopics that expand further, like “Cost”, “Benefits”, “Weight”, and “Durability”.

Google Search relevant information panel

The goal of this new panel is to help you learn more about what Google Search understands to be useful, common details to the topic you searched for. It’ll also help you save time by giving you quick access to subtopics related to your search, meaning that you don’t have to sift through results to find what you need.

Google says that this new information panel is rolling out over the next few days.

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