Google readying new design for Gmail that includes a snooze email button and better G Suite integration

Gmail’s current design as viewed on the web. (Google Photo)

Get ready for a few changes to the screen millions of people wake up to: Google is contemplating a new design and new features for Gmail.

The company sent out notices to a few G Suite administrators, the ones who oversee your work email, alerting them to a new Gmail version coming soon through an opt-in Early Adopter Program. As spotted by Techcrunch and The Verge, the new version of Gmail is expected to implement a “a fresh clean look for Gmail on the web” as well as several interesting new features.

The new version will offer support for “snoozing” your emails for a preset period of time, the same way you tell your alarm to shut up for nine minutes each morning. It will also allow you to access other G Suite apps, such as Calendar, directly from your inbox instead of maintaining six browser tabs for those various components. And it will bring mobile Gmail’s “smart reply” feature to the web along with offline support, according to the emailed notices.

Google sent over a rather tongue-in-cheek confirmation that Gmail updates are coming soon. “We’re working on some major updates to Gmail (they’re still in draft phase). We need a bit more time to compose ourselves, so can’t share anything yet—archive this for now, and we’ll let you know when it’s time to hit send,” a Google representative said, after likely workshopping this statement for an hour in a shared Google Doc.

Around 1.2 billion people use Gmail, and it is the second-most popular email client out there, trailing Apple’s native iPhone client, according to research from Litmus. It’s not clear how that data counts people who have personal Gmail accounts and work Gmail accounts monitored by G Suite administrators, but the notice sent out by Google says that these changes will be coming to personal email accounts as well.

G Suite has become a very important part of Google’s overall cloud story. Earlier this year Google disclosed cloud revenue figures for the first time, saying that the company is making $1 billion in revenue a quarter from the combined G Suite and Google Cloud Platform businesses.

And before the new Gmail design comes live, G Suite administrators will have a new toy to offer their Google Sheets users. The company launched support for recording macros Wednesday, giving Google Sheets users a tool that is used quite a bit by offline spreadsheet users to automate certain tasks and calculations.

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