Google Pixel 5 name appears in Android Open Source Project

The Pixel 5 name has leaked out today, and it’s come from none other than Google itself.

The name “Pixel 5” has appeared in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Spotted by 9to5Google, the name is mentioned in an AOSP comment related to a code change for Android’s Linux kernel.

In the comment, the Pixel 4 is listed with the Linux kernel 4.14 while the Pixel 5 is said to have kernel version 4.19. These version numbers are for the Linux kernel used by Android on these phones.

Google Pixel 5 Android Open Source Project

There’s not much else revealed about the Pixel 5 by this leak. That said, it’s still nice to get confirmation that Google is indeed working on another Pixel phone and that it’ll probably be called the Pixel 5. All of these leaks have to start somewhere, after all.

If the Pixel 5 is like previous Pixel flagships, it’ll be announced by Google in mid-October. That means there’s plenty of time for more substantial leaks. And if the Pixel 5 is anything like Google’s other recent flagships, it’ll leak many, many times before its official announcement.

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