Google Photos adds manual face tagging

Google Photos app

Google Photos is getting a handy new feature.

The Google Photos app for Android has gained manual face tagging. Lots of folks are starting to see it in the update to version 4.32.1, though not everyone has it quite yet, which likely means that Google is slowly enabling it for all users server-side.

There is one thing to be aware of with this new Google Photos feature. As detailed in a walkthrough by Android Police, this manual tagging only works when Google’s algorithm detects that there’s a face in the photo, which means you can’t just tag anything you want in a photo. It also means that if a face is at an angle or partially obscured and isn’t picked up by Google Photos, you still can’t manually tag it.

Google Photos manual face tagging

To use the manual face tagging, find an image with a person or pet. You can then swipe up, tap the pen button, and then manually tag people that Google has detected in the photo. You can also correct any wrong tags that Google Photos may have made and remove detected faces from your Photos app, like if there are some folks in the background of a photo that you don’t want tagged.

While it’s not a completely manual tagging feature since you still have to rely on Google’s algorithm to see a face, this is still a nice addition to Google Photos that will help you to better organize your images. Is this feature showing up in your Google Photos app yet?

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