Google Phone app could gain call recording support soon

Google Phone app

Google could be planning to add support for recording calls to its Phone app.

Code has been discovered inside the Google Phone app that hints at call recording support. Spotted by XDA-Developers, there are a few strings that reference recording:

<string name=”incall_label_record”>Record</string>
<string name=”incall_content_description_record_unchecked”>Record</string>
<string name=”incall_content_description_record_checked”>Recording</string>

These strings hint that when you’re not recording, you’ll have a button that’ll let you begin recording the call. Then when you press the button, it’ll change to say that it’s recording the call.

The strings were found in an updated version of the Google Phone app that began rolling out this week. Because Google hasn’t made any official announcements about the feature, though, it’s unclear when or if it might actually roll out to the public.

Google previously offered an official call recording API, but that was removed in Android 6 Marshmallow. Then in Android 9 Pie, Google also pulled the workarounds that some third-party developers used to record calls. 

It’s possible that this feature will only be available on select Xiaomi phones. XDA notes that Xiaomi offers call recording with its own dialer app, but in Europe, Xiaomi’s phones will use the Google Phone app. There’s a chance that Google could be adding this feature just so Xiaomi phones in Europe can have it just like other Xiaomi devices, but perhaps Google will enable it for Pixel and Android One phones, too. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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