Google One is a new cloud storage service with family sharing, other benefits

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Google has long offered paid cloud storage for customers that need more than the 15GB that comes free with every Google Account, and today that paid storage service is getting a major upgrade.

Google One is the new cloud storage plan from Google. Storage options will range from 100GB to 30TB, with the 100GB plan starting at $1.99 per month, 200GB for $2.99, and 2TB for $9.99 per month. Customers on the 1GB plan, which currently costs $9.99 per month, will be upgraded to 2TB for no extra cost.

Pricing for higher storage tiers will be the same, meaning that 10TB will be $99.99 per month, 20TB will be $199.99 per month, and 30TB will be $299.99 per month.

Also coming with Google One is one-tap access to experts that can offer help with Google’s consumer products and services. Google will give extras for other products, too, like credits for Google Play or deals on select hotels in Google Search.

Finally, Google will allow you to share your storage plan with up to five family members with Google One. Everyone will get their own private storage space as well as the other Google One benefits.

Customers on paid Google Drive storage plans will be automatically upgrade to Google One over the coming months. Those upgrades will begin in the U.S. and then expand globally. Everyone else will get Google One later this year.

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