Google may soon open flagship retail store in Chicago

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Google may soon launch a major flagship retail store.

Google is planning to open a two-story shop in Chicago, according to a report from the Chicago Tribune. The company is said to be finalizing a lease on spot with nearly 14,000 square feet on the first and second floors of multiple connected brick buildings between 845 and 853 W. Randolph St.

One other detail of note is that this location would be just two blocks south of its Midwest headquarters in Chicago.

Unsurprisingly, Google has not confirmed that it’s planning to launch a retail space in Chicago, saying only that it doesn’t comment on rumors or speculation.

A large retail space for Google would make sense, and considering the number of devices it sells it’s actually kind of surprising that it hasn’t already launched one. Instead, Google has relied on small, pop-up shops to date. It’s expected that the company will launch several new hardware products this fall, though, including new Pixel phones, a new Pixelbook, new Pixelbuds, and even a new Pixel smartwatch, so the timing for a dedicated retail shop seems right.

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