Google may launch its own smart screen this holiday season

Lenovo Smart Display official

Google is already expected to launch new phones, a new Pixelbook, a new smartwatch, and new wireless earbuds this year, and now a rumor claims that Google is preppin yet another new piece of hardware.

Google will launch a smart display device this holiday season. According to the Nikkei Asian Review, the device will be similar to the Amazon Echo Show and will feature a display so that you can watch YouTube videos, check your calendar, and view maps. No spec or pricing details for the device have been given.

Earlier this year, Google revealed that Assistant would become available on smart display screens, like the Lenovo Smart Display you see at the top of this post. While the smart screen market is still young, smart speakers have become a popular product category, with 35 million units having been shipped worldwide in 2017. The smart screen is an evolution of the smart speaker, combining the smarts and speaker with a large screen that you can use to do things like watch videos, such as news briefings or recipes.

Google is a major player in the smart speaker market with its Home, Home Max, and Home Mini devices, and so it makes sense that Google would eventually try a smart screen device, too. Does a Google-made smart screen sound like a product you’d be interested in?

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