Google Maps gaining new Explore tab, For You section, and more

Google Maps new Explore

Google Assistant isn’t the only Google product that’s getting a major update.

Google today announced a significant update for Google Maps. This includes a refreshed Explore tab that aims to show you new and interesting places nearby, including dining, events, and activities. You’ll also see top trending lists, like the Foodie List, for good places to go as well as recommendations for new restaurants based on info from local experts, trusted publishers, and Google’s own algorithms.

Drilling down into a specific venue will show you another new Google Maps feature. With a new “match” feature, you’ll see a number that suggests how likely Google Maps thinks it is that you’ll like. This number is generated by machine learning and is based on factors like what Google knows about a business, the places you’ve been to, whether you’ve added a restaurant to a list or added it, and the food and drink preferences you’ve chosen in Google Maps.

Google is also making it easy to share interesting places with friends. Long press on places that’ve piqued your interest and you can add it to a list of places that your friends can see and vote on.

Finally, a new “For you” tab will help you stay up to date on what’s going on in neighborhoods you’re interested in, including new spots and trending locations. You can choose to follow neighborhoods or specific dining spots.

These new Google Maps feaetures will roll out to Android and iOS in the coming months.

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