Google making Wear OS app quality review mandatory

Google Wear OS smartwatches

Google is taking steps to improve the quality of Wear OS apps.

Google announced today that it’s going to implement a mandatory Wear OS app quality review. This review process has been around since Android Wear 2.0, but ever since then, it’s been optional. Google has decided to make it a requirement in order to “improve Wear app quality and their presentation in the Google Play Store.”

The Wear app review process will be mandatory for new apps starting October 1, 2018. Existing Wear apps will be required to go through the review process starting March 4, 2019.

Google explains that it’s seen some common issues pop up during Wear app reviews. These include support for different screen types, including round and square faces, as well as Wear OS app screenshots. Google says that in order to pass its review, a Wear OS app needs to have at least one screenshot.

This sounds like a good move by Google. Wear OS is still a growing platform, and so it’s important that anyone that adopts it have access to quality apps, otherwise they may get frustrated and decide to leave. Google deciding to require an app quality review should help to guarantee that apps look and work better, both on the watch and in the Play Store.

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