Google launches five new experimental digital wellbeing apps for Android

Google Digital Wellbeing experiments

Google launches five new experimental digital wellbeing apps for Android – Google has been placing a focus on digital wellbeing lately, adding features like Wind Down and Focus Mode to recent versions of Android to help users understand how they use their phone and help them find a balance. Now Google is experimenting with more ways to help users improve their digital wellbeing.

Today Google introduced five experimental Digital Wellbeing apps that Android users can try out now. One of them is Unlock Clock, which is a Live Wallpaper that will display the number of times you’ve unlocked your phone in a day. Post Box is another digital wellbeing experiment, and it aims to minimize distractions by holding all your notifications until a time that you choose. At that time, your alerts will be organized and neatly delivered to you.

Google Unlock Clock, Post Box, We Flip

With We Flip, you and your friends can take a break from technology together. Everyone can indicate when they’re ready to switch off from technology. When one person unlocks their phone, everyone else’s phones will unlock too and the session will end.

Desert Island challenges you to pick only the apps that are most essential to you and then try to go 24 hours with just those apps. And finally there’s Morph, which aims to adapt your phone to what you’re doing. You select the apps that are important in a certain situation, like Work or Home, and your phone will adapt by giving you the right apps based on the time or place.

Google Desert Island, Morph

Google is also offering an app called Paper Phone that lets you choose important information that you’ll need for your day, like contacts, maps, and meetings, and then print them onto paper to give you time to get away from your phone while still giving you the critical info that you’ll need for your day.

Google Paper Phone

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