Google is reportedly bringing Windows 10 support to multiple Chromebooks

Google PixelBook

Google’s Chromebook is quite popular in the education segment
and it has tried to take a bite out of Microsoft’s market.
A report earlier this year revealed that the search engine
giant might be trying to play nice with Microsoft by letting
PixelBook owners run Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating

The mentions of Microsoft’s tools
including the WHCK (Windows Hardware Certification
Kit) and HLK (Windows Hardware Lab Kit) which are used
to run Windows 10 on any device were recently discovered
in the codes. The alleged source code has revealed that
“Campfire” would let Chrome OS dual-boot Windows 10 and it will
apparently work on multiple devices, not just the PixelBooks.

The new alleged evidence basically indicates that the
Google Pixelbook won’t be the only Chromebook with Campfire
support. However, this wouldn’t mean that all Google-powered
PCs would have the option. At this point, it’s hard to predict.

According to previous reports, the Pixelbook would be able to
run Windows 10 without any hacks and the implementation could
be similar to Apple’s BootCamp. It’s not that surprising news
as Apple also allows its devices to run Windows 10 anytime.

It’s worth noting that nothing is official as of yet though and
everything at this stage is based on speculations generated
from the found evidence. It remains to be seen whether the
Windows compatibility will be for developers or just the
average consumer.

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