Google intros Nest Wifi with extender that doubles as an Assistant speaker

The Nest Mini wasn’t the only new Nest device announced at Google’s event today, as the Nest Wifi also made its debut.

The Nest Wifi is an update to the Google Wifi router that launched way back in October 2016. The system is actually made up of two devices — a Nest Wifi router and a Nest Wifi point — which help you to blanket your home in Wi-Fi. The router plugs directly into your modem while the poiint extends your coverage wherever you need it. 

Google touts that Nest Wifi delivers up to twice the speeds of the Google Home and offers up to 25 percent better coverage, too. A two-pack of Nest Wifi can cover a 3,800-square-foot home, and you can add more Nest Wifi points if you need even more coverage.

Nest Wifi router official

What’s more, the Nest Wifi point device doubles as a Google Assistant smart speaker, and it can do all the things that the Nest Mini can. That includes playing music, answering questions, controlling smart home devices, and more.

Setup is done in the Google Home app, where you can check your speeds, pause Wi-Fi for certain devices, set schedules, and create a guest network. You can also manage separate homes and networks in the Google Home app, letting you troubleshoot your parents’ Wi-Fi connection using your phone.

Nest Wifi is available for pre-order today and will launch on November 4 in the U.S., and it’ll also be available in seven other countries in 2019. Pricing starts at $269 for a two-pack with one router and one point, or you can get a three-pack with an additional point for $349.

Nest Wifi colors

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