Google Images adds ‘Share GIFs’ section to help you easily share a GIF to an app

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GIFs have become super popular, giving you a fun way to respond to a text, tweet, or other message. Now Google Images is making it easier to find the perfect GIF and share it to a variety of different apps.

Google Images now has a “Share GIFs” section that’ll let you share a GIF directly to apps like Gmail, Hangouts, Android Messages, and Whatsapp. GIFs appear in the section based on how likely they are to be shared, so you should be able to find a great GIF pretty quickly.

Google Images Share GIFs

The GIFs that you’ll find in Google Images come from sources like streaming services, movie studios, and YouTube, so you should be able to find a great GIF that you recognize. The selection should continue to grow, too, because any content provider, GIF creator, or GIF platform can submit GIFs for this section by uploading GIFs to (which Google purchased last year) or by contacting Google’s partnership team.

This feature is available starting today in the Google app for Android and iOS as well as in Chrome on Android. Google plans to expand directly shareable GIFs to more services, including mobile browsers.

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