Google Home getting smarter about room context and turning on nearby lights

Google Home Mini

You’ve been able to use your Google Home to control smart lights in your home for awhile, but now the feature is getting a little smarter.

Google Home can now understand room context and only turn on the smart lights in the room you’re in. If you’ve got rooms set up and the Google Home that you speak to is assigned to the same room as the smart lights you’re turning on, you can simply say “Turn on the lights” or give a similar command and the Google Home will turn on only those lights, not all of the smart lights in your house.

Google has confirmed to Android Police that this feature is now rolling out and that it’ll continue to spread to devices over the coming days. The company added that you can still control all of the smart lights in your house by adding the word “all” to your command, or you can control individual lights by specifying them in your command.

This is a pretty nifty addition to Google Home. Typically if you issue a command like “Turn on the lights”, you want the lights in the room you’re in to be turned on, and now Google Home will understand that.

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