Google Home Continued Conversation feature now rolling out

Google Home, Google Home Mini

One of the major Google Assistant announcements at I/O last month was Continued Conversation, and now that feature is starting to roll out to everyone.

Continued Conversation will let you ask Google Assistant a question, then ask a follow-up question or perform some other action without having to say “Hey Google” each time. You can end your conversation at any time by saying “Thank you” or “Stop”, but Google says that Assistant can also automatically end the conversation when it detects that you’re no longer talking to it.

This feature is available today on Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Google Home Max. To activate Continued Conversation, go into the Google Assistant app on your phone and go into Settings > Preferences > Continued Conversation.

This is a great addition to Google’s Home, Home Max, and Home Mini devices. Being able to make multiple requests of your Google Assistant device without having to repeat “Hey Google” over and is not only less annoying and will help to save you time, but it also makes talking to Google Assistant more like a real conversation.

Google Home Continued Conversation

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