Google Glass is now easier to buy

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Last year, a new Google Glass model launched with an upgraded CPU, USB-C, and power savings. The only way to buy it at that time was to contact Google directly, but today that process is a bit easier.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is now available directly from Mobile Advance, CDW, and SHI in the U.S. and Canada. Pricing for the Google Glass developer kit is $1,199, and that includes both the Glass unit itself and a titanium band so that you can actually wear it.

You can also buy the two products separately. The Google Glass unit itself is around $1,000 while the titanium band is around $150.

With this move, Google is making it easier for developers to get hold of the new Glass unit to create apps for businesses rather than trying to get regular consumers to adopt Google Glass again. Now any developers and businesses interested in Glass can just buy a unit rather than having to contact Google and buy Glass that way. Of course, if you really want to try the new and improved Glass, there’s nothing stopping you from buying a pair for yourself.

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