Google giving Wear OS user interface a refresh

Google Wear OS update official

After getting a new name earlier this year, Google’s Wear OS is now getting a design refresh.

Google today announced an updated version of Wear OS with easier access to notifications, more help from Google Assistant, and more. Swiping up from the watch face will let you quiclky jump to your notifications, and if you see a message that you want to reply to, you can do so with a smart reply. Swiping down from the watch face will give you access to quick settings like Airplane Mode, Google Pay, Do Not Disturb, and more.

Swipe right on your watch face and you’ll see your Google Assistant. This screen will show info like the date and temperature, and it’ll also try to help you prepare for your day by showing your upcoming meetings or alerting you to a delay in your commute. Google Assistant will suggest features that you haven’t tried yet, too.

Swiping left from you main watch face will take you to Google Fit. Here you’ll see the new Heart Points and Move Minutes that Google recently introducec. You can also quickly start a workout from this screen.

Google says that these new Wear OS features are rolling out over the next month. This looks like a great update for Wear OS, giving you quick access to important features like your notifications, quick settings, and Google Fit all with a swipe from your home screen. With this news and Qualcomm’s upcoming event at which we’ll likely see new smartwatch processors, it’s a good time to be a fan of wearable devices.

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