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Google Gboard now lets you make emoji-style Mini stickers that look like you

Google Gboard emoji Mini stickers official

Emoji are a quick and easy way to express an emotion or response in messaging. They can be really fun, but some folks may like them better or use them more if they could get an emoji that looked just like them. Google’s got an answer for those people.

Google is launching emoji-style Mini stickers for Gboard. The feature uses machine learning to create illustrated stickers based on a a selfie of you, and previously they came in “bold” and “sweet” styles. Now Google is adding “emoji” as a third Mini style.

When you take a selfie, Google uses machine learning algorithms to suggest a skin tone, hair style, and accessories for your Mini stickers. You can then choose a hair color, facial hair, head coverings, eyewear, and even freckles and wrinkles to help make your Mini stickers more like you.

Google Gboard customize emoji Mini stickers

This feature is starting its rollout today and will be available on Gboard in all languages and countries as well as on both Android and iOS.

This is a nifty feature for Google to add. Emoji are super popular, and while there are a lot of emoji options, there just can’t be an emoji for every single person out there. That’s why features like Apple’s Memoji are becoming popular. Now Google is rolling out emoji-style Mini stickers to help Gboard users create their own emoji-like stickers.

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