Google Files app getting dark mode and better media controls

Google Files dark mode

Google has been busy spreading dark themes to its various Android apps in recent months, and today another one of Google’s apps is going dark.

Google’s Files app is gaining two new features, including a new all-black dark theme to help save battery life and reduce eye strain. Google is also adding playback controls like Skip, Rewind, and Fast-forward for those times you’re watching video or listening to music in the app.

These new Files features will roll out to everyone over the coming days.

Google Files media controls

The addition of a dark mode and better media controls are big for Google’s Files app. The all-black dark mode can help prevent you from being blinded by a bright white screen when you’re using the app at night and it can conserve battery life on OLED screens. It’ll help Files fit in with Android Q’s dark mode, too. And for those times you’re watching a video or playing some music that you’ve got saved locally, the Skip, Rewind, and Fast-forward controls will make it easier to control your song or video.

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