Google explains Pixel 4’s lack of 4K 60fps video recording, says no Dual Exposure Controls for older phones

Pixel 4 XL cameras

Google announced a lot of features of the Pixel 4 last week, including new camera goodies like a 16MP telephoto camera and Dual Exposure Controls. Now that the dust is settling from the announcement, more info on the Pixel 4 is coming out, and unfortunately it’s not all great news.

Google has shed some light on why the Pixel 4 doesn’t offer 4K 60fps video recording. The company recently explained on Twitter that it’s found that most users record video at 1080p and not 4K, and so it focused on improving 1080p video capture rather than “enabling a 4K 60fps mode that could use up to half a gigabyte of storage every minute.”

The Pixel 4 does offer 4K video capture, but it tops out at 30fps, while 1080p video recording is available with 30fps, 60fps, and 120fps options. Other flagship smartphones have come out this year with 4K 60fps video recording, including the Galaxy S10, Note 10, iPhone 11, and iPhone 11 Pro, and so some folks were likely hoping that the Pixel 4 would offer that feature as well. While it’s true that 4K 60fps video capture can take up a lot of storage, it would’ve been nice for Google to at least offer that option.

Google has also confirmed that the Dual Exposure Controls found on the Pixel 4 will not be available on older Pixel devices. “Dual Exposure Controls and Live HDR+ require low-level capabilities in the hardware that are only available on the Pixel 4,” Google explained on Twitter, “So they will not be available on older Pixel devices.”

Dual Exposure Controls is a feature that lets you adjust the brightness and shadows in your image before you take a photo, helping you to get a shot that’s more to your liking. And then there’s Live HDR+, which gives you a live preview of what your photo will look like with HDR+ before you snap it.

We’ve seen Google bring new Pixel camera features to older Pixel phones in the past, including Night Sight as well as the Pixel 4’s new astrophotography capabilities, and so some folks may have been hoping that Dual Exposure Controls and Live HDR+ would be ported to older Pixel devices as well. Now Google has confirmed that that won’t be the case.

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