Google Duo gains eight-person video calls, data saver mode

Google Duo eight person video call

Google Duo is gaining a few new features this week to help make your video call experience better.

Google Duo now supports video calls with up to eight people at once, up from the previous limit of four. The feature is available globally on Android and iOS.

Also rolling out today is a data saving mode. When enabled, Duo will limit data usage on both cellular networks and Wi-Fi. This feature is now available in countries like Indonesia, India, and Brazil, and it’ll expand to more markets in the coming months.

Google Duo draw video message

Finally, you can now personalize your Duo video messages with text, emoji, or even a tool that’ll let you draw using brushes. Video messages are short videos that you can send when you are unable to have a full video call. This new Duo video messages feature is now available on Android and is coming soon to iOS.

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