Google Coach rumored as AI health and fitness assistant

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Google already offers Google Fit to help users track their fitness, but according to a new report, the company is planning to take its workout effort to another level.

Google is allegedly working on an AI-powered exercise and wellbeing assistant that’s currently known as “Google Coach”. According to Android Police, Google Coach will analyze the  data that it has about you to send proactive health and fitness notifications, like recommend workout routines and alternative exercises that you could perform if you miss a workout. Like many other workout services, Coach is expected to log your exercises, too.

It’s said that Google Coach will track your nutrition as well. When eating out, Google Coach may be able to give you a healthy food recommendation, while it could give you a weekly meal plan and shopping list for when you’re eating at home. The Google Coach may even be able to analyze your calendar to figure out how many meals it should help you plan.

Finally, it’s said that Google is working on giving Google Coach conversational notifications that’ll give you different kinds of info, like telling you to take your medication and to drink more water, all into one notification. This way you won’t be overloaded by alerts telling you what you should get done during your day.

Google Coach will work with Wear OS with live tracking initially, but it’ll allegedly have a phone component as well. It’s said that Google thinks Google Coach would be a good fit for Android TV, Google Home, and other devices, too.

Lots of people rely on their smartwatch for health and fitness tracking, and Google Coach sounds like it it could be great at that. The recommendations sound particularly interesting, and if they work like today’s report describes them, they could be good for folks who are just getting started with regular fitness and meal planning.

Does Google Coach sound like something you’d use?

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