Google Chrome to respect Windows 10’s dark and light theme settings


Google is working on a dark theme for Chrome browser on Windows
10 and it appears to be coming sooner than expected. Windows 10
has its own system-wide dark mode and it certainly makes sense
for Chrome to respect the settings in order to align with the
visual appearance of the operating system.

Google last year added an experimental feature to Chrome Canary
that allowed users to manually enable dark mode. Earlier
today, Google started rolling out a new update to its Chrome
Canary browser on Windows 10 and it adds support for the dark

At the time of writing this story, the new Chrome Canary update
is gradually rolling out and it may not show up in all
installations. After installing the update, Chrome Canary build
now respects your setting for Windows 10’s dark or light

If you enable system-wide dark theme in Windows 10 from
Settings > Personalization > Colours, Chrome will
automatically switch to the dark theme to match the look. For
example, choosing the dark theme will keep Chrome dark as well.

Google Chrome dark mode
Image Courtesy: Paritosh Negi

A native implementation and integration with Windows 10’s
personalization settings would obviously come in much handier
to everyone. At the moment, there is no way to keep using
Chrome in light appearance when the system-wide dark mode is
enabled in Windows 10.

These changes are currently live in Canary version which Google
uses as a development branch to test out new features. Canary
could be buggy on some systems, so it’s not for anyone
unwilling to put up with an unstable browser.

As reported yesterday,
Google is also working to fix the glitches in Chrome’s dark
appearance. For example, bugs like black text on a
dark background will be fixed in a future release. After the
bugs are addressed, the dark mode should eventually make
its way down to the main Chrome release version.

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