Google Chrome to get speed, design and music control updates

Google Chrome speed update

When you have several tabs open in Google Chrome, you can
always close tabs accidentally while browsing multiple tabs. To
help users restore the tabs, Chrome comes with a “reopen closed
tabs” button and developers have now confirmed that this
feature is getting faster later this year.

It’s all part of Google’s efforts to improve the browser’s
built-in caching system. As we reported recently,
Google has been working on “back-forward cache” to improve
overall browsing performance by keeping a page alive after you
navigate away from it. If you attempt to open the closed tab
again, it will load almost instantly, thanks to the caching.

The back-forward cache first debuted on Android in Chrome 87
and it’s slowly rolling out to users in the stable channel of
the desktop client. Using the tech behind back-forward caching,
Google is now working on a new feature called “Closed Tab

This will allow you to reopen closed tabs almost instantly as
the whole page except for some JavaScript elements like ads is
kept entirely in memory. In a post on Chromium Gerrit, Google
confirmed that they have added a Chrome flag for
“ClosedTabCache” to help devs and users test the feature.

“Add a chrome://flag for ClosedTabCache. This patch adds a flag
to enable closed tab cache on the desktop to make it easier for
testing,” Google noted.

Chrome speed update

At the moment, if you close a tab and reopen it using the
“Reopen closed tab” option, the page is loaded again. Google
Chrome is planning to make the closed tabs button almost
instant with caching support. As part of the update, Chrome
will freeze the page’s assets and store them in the memory for
a short time.

On the other hand, Chrome’s “BackForwardCache” will load your
pages instantly when you use Chrome’s Back and Forward

Chrome design improvements

Google is also working on a new modern design for Chrome.

As part of the design refresh, Chrome will be getting various
UI changes. The redesigned settings page looks familiar, but
there are quite a few noticeable changes. For instance, Google
has replaced the material blue colours with a proper dark or
solid white background.

Rounded corners and Chrome icon are now front and center on the
settings page.

As you can see in the above screenshot, the design changes are
more visible in a light mode where the material blue colour has
been replaced with white. Overall, the old and new UI look
largely the same and you’ll notice some differences only if you
carefully compare the two versions.

Media playback controls

Chrome received the new media playback controls last year and
it’s slowly getting new features and improvements. In the
latest Chrome Canary build, Google has added a mute button to
the global media playback controls.

Chrome media playback

This will allow you to mute the audio from any tab of the

Google is also testing a modern interface for media controls
hidden and it will be released to everyone later this year.

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