Google Chrome to get new features including Downloads hub on Windows

Google Chrome new features

By default, Google Chrome download prompts or status appear
within the downloads shelf at the bottom of the screen. On the
other hand, Microsoft Edge downloads show up in the
toolbar when you’re downloading something, and it’s also
possible to pin the Downloads button or hub to the Microsoft
Edge toolbar.

Google could be working on a similar feature for Chrome,
according to a new post on Chromium. It looks like Google wants
to move away from the bottom-toolbar version of the downloads
feature and add the downloads button or shortcut to the
toolbar, similar to how Edge handles downloads.

According to a post on
Chromium, Google is testing support for a new download icon
in the toolbar. Google says this change is part of the download
UX redesign for Chrome and it plans to use Download bubble
instead of download shelf in a future release of the browser
which is expected in early 2022.

Microsoft Edge Downloads hub
Microsoft Edge Downloads hub

If a Download icon is added to the toolbar, it would remain
visible when downloads are in progress or if you initiated a
download in the past 24 hours. Downloads hub could also remain
tied to the toolbar of the browser, according to code changes
made on Chromium.

As mentioned above, Chrome’s new downloads UX will be similar
to Microsoft Edge’s downloads hub.

Accent support

Chrome 96 was a big release, but there’s more to come and
Google has already started working on the next big update.

Chrome accent colour support

As per Chromium
Google is bringing an updated design for Windows 11 devices
with support for rounded corners.

The new rounded corners update for the browser’s built-in menu
will be enabled by default in a future release.

Additionally, Google wants to update Chrome to match Windows 11
aesthetic including the theme/accent colours. This would be a
Windows-specific change and it will allow you to pick an accent
colour from Windows settings and apply it to the browser,
including its bookmark popup, buttons, etc.

New clipboard features

Google is also working with Microsoft on a new feature that
will allow users to
copy-and-paste a wide range of clipboards contents between
the browser and native apps on Windows 10/11.

This feature is expected to arrive in 2022 and it is
particularly useful if you frequently use web-based photo or
text editors.

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