Google Chrome still the number one desktop browser in spite of minor decline

Google Chrome
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We have earlier reported that Google Chrome continues to rule
the number one position in the desktop market. The Chrome
browser enjoys over 61% of the market share which is way ahead
of its competitors Mozilla’s Firefox and Microsoft’s Edge

The Chrome browser suffered a minor decline in market share
last month which hasn’t affected its dominance in the desktop
browser market. It still continues to enjoy the top spot.
Google Chrome has been moving ahead steadily and is expected to
gain more market share in the coming days with the browser
expected to get some major new features in upcoming updates.

According to NetMarketShare, Google Chrome is still a popular
browser with 61.69% market share, and Microsoft Edge is
struggling with 4.45% in the fourth position. The discontinued
Internet Explorer continues to be the second popular choice
with 12.30%, and Firefox is third with 10.17% market

Google Chrome has already released the option to mute annoying
videos and is expected to provide support for Precision
Touchpad in its upcoming updates.

Microsoft hasn’t been able to garner much market share in spite
of already having the Precision Touchpad support for its
default Windows 10 browser. Edge has seen a consistent drop in
its market share despite the company making all its efforts to
bring the Edge browser on par in terms of features with its

Market share Chrome versus other browsers
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Microsoft which released its new Windows 10 April 2018 update
earlier in the week brought many new features especially to its
Edge browser but hasn’t been able to give the boost it requires
to increase its market share.

Microsoft had aggressively marketed its Edge browser by pushing
out ads highlighting the features of its
browser. Microsoft had also launched its Edge browser on
rival mobile platforms iOS and Android to see if this step will
help the company to invite more users to start using the Edge
browser on their PCs.

Despite all the aggressive marketing and advertising, the
company failed to increase the market share of its Edge browser
and Google Chrome still remains the preferred choice of 6 out
of 10 users in terms of browser usage.

However, Microsoft hasn’t yet given up on its Edge browser and
is working on introducing new features like better syncing
across devices to help users on iOS and Android to view their
watched history both on their mobile and PC.

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