Google Chrome on Windows starts warning more users against incompatible apps

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Google Chrome is without a doubt the most popular internet
browser in the world right now and according to third-party
data, it holds close to 65% market share. Google Chrome is easy
to use and secure. Last year, the search engine giant updated
the web browser with a much-needed built-in software that would
warn users about incompatible apps.

It’s an experimental feature and sometime it could warn users
against the apps. The browser began blocking third-party
software from injecting into Chrome processes. After
restarting, it will allow the injection but it would show
a warning that guides the user to remove the software.

Over the last few days, in an old Google product
forum post, the users have revealed that Google Chrome
browser is warning them against legit apps and the warning
showed up after the browser crashed. In another thread,
users claim that they have received a similar warning.

Chrome browser error

A user on Reddit social media website has also shared a screenshot
that shows Chrome browser’s warning in action. According to the
Reddit user, the Chrome browser crashed and it launched with
the above screen. The issue is not limited to any specific app.

By the looks of things, the first few reports appeared back in
late June and new reports have surfaced online over the last
few days.

A Google Chrome developer responded to the
issue on June 22:

“Chrome dev here. This is related to a new feature that aims to
prevent third party software from injecting into Chrome’s
processes and interfering with its code. This type of software
injection is rampant on the Windows platform, and causes
significant stability issues (crashes). The Microsoft Edge
browser already does this kind of blocking, and we are in
the process of making Chrome behave similarly. What you
are seeing is the warning phase of year-long effort to enable
blocking, originally announced in November 2017.

Since it is effectively impossible for Chrome to automatically
determine whether any particular piece of software is
innocently injecting or purposefully injecting and interfering
with Chrome code. To keep things simple we warn about all
injected software, without making value judgments. Note that
soon we will actually start blocking software from injecting,
at which point this warning will cease to show. Note that you
should only be seeing these crashes if you manually navigate to
the chrome://settings/ incompatibleApplications page, or on a
startup after the Chrome browser has crashed”.

It’s worth noting that this feature is currently considered
experimental and only a small number users may see these
warnings. If you’re seeing this error, you can ignore it.

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