Google Chrome Canary gets lazy-loading feature to speed up page loading

Chrome Canary

Most of the websites are full of images and scripts
which can be a huge bottleneck for performance. Google is aware
of the performance issues and the company is working on a new
feature called image lazy-loading to speed up the webpages
page loading.

The latest Canary build of Google Chrome comes with the highly
anticipated lazy loading feature.

Enable image lazy-loading in Google Chrome

  • Download and install Google Chrome Canary
  • Open the flags menu and search
    for #enable-lazy-image-loading
    and #enable-lazy-frame-loading
  • Enable the flags and Chrome would start lazy loading the
  • Restart the Chrome browser.

This would improve the user experience, make website load
faster and accessible for users without a fast connection.
That’s a big improvement for such a small change. It is however
worth noting that feature is not working properly at the

Chrome Lazy Loading

For those unfamiliar with the lazy load mechanism, it’s
a technique where the browser does not load the images
that are not in the viewport. Chrome will load the images only
when it gets near the border of the viewport.

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